Student Competition

Rectenna Shootout!

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Student teams of any size may submit a design for a custom 915 MHz LED rectenna (antenna + RF charge pump + LED) for the IEEE RFID 2013 conference. Cash prize for the smallest device that can light up an LED at the furthest distance away from a 915 MHz continuous wave source. Devices must be able to operate at least 0.5 m from the source, and will be evaluated using the ratio of farthest LED operating distance (r) to largest antenna dimension (D) (r/D), largest ratio wins!

$500 cash prize for 1st place sponsored by Ricoh!

The rectenna must be constructed exclusively from the following items:

Any passive antenna type may be used, with the requirement that the entire rectenna must fit within a box with the following dimensions:

The competition will be conducted using a 915 MHz signal source connected to a directional antenna with linear polarization.  A judge will determine the absolute illumination range (r) and largest dimension (D), but the team may specify the orientation with which to test their rectenna.  Each rectenna entry must be accompanied by a unique student registration from a team member; no multiple entries per registrant.

Material Clarification
Manufactured PCBs are not allowed. Only entries using copper tape and cardboard will be considered. Refer to the following figure for clarification. (Click to enlarge)
student competition antennas

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